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Though John Locke set out to write a publication that would resolve grills about the origin and liberty of human awareness, his Essay Concerning Human Understanding is also a profound helping hand to metaphysics, full of clashes about the fundamental features of bodies, the images of marrow and affectionate, the statement of meaning of ingredient articles, personal identity, the variety and liberty of volition, freedom of bustle, freedom of will, and the relation between matter and thought. Matthew Stuart examines a broad range of these clashes, and explores the relationships between them. He offers fresh clarifications of such familiar ingredient as the distinction between primary and secondary qualities, and Locke's make of personal identity, and he also takes us deeper into less familiar tract, including Locke's problem against physicism and his rationalism of bustle. Locke's Metaphysics shows Locke to be a more consistent, systematic and interesting metaphysician than is generally appreciated. It defends him against requests of muddling the clue of 'quality', of waffling between two conceptions of secondary qualities, and of vacillating in his commitment to mechanism. It shows how his rejection of essentialism leads him to embrace relativism about identity, and that his relativism about identity is the key to defending his make of personal identity against several oppositions. Yet the picture of Locke that emerges is not always a familiar one and only. Stuart's make reveals that he is a philosopher who denies the actuality of relations, who takes bodies to be colored only so long as we are looking at them, and who is not committed to mechanism. He shows that Locke takes persons to be three-dimensional beings whose completeds are 'gappy' rather than continuous. Finally, he shows that Locke is a volitionist who holds that we can will only our own thoughts and bodily motions, and not such episodes as light a torch or turning the beeps of a publication.


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