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The online social structure event has forever changed the way we think about ourselves in relation to our be adjacents. But do these massively popular networks actually build community? More Than a Kind of Face invites us to consider the present and future challenges of the Automated Old age and tenders nest eggs from Lutheran faith, notably from Dietrich Bonhoeffer, that raise a puzzle over many of the assumptions that maintain a disembodied understanding of community.   What remains is a genuine call for a vibrant faith of embodiment. By recognizing the quirks of physical kinships, Christians can discern which automated social technologies embrace a view of goodwill that necessarily includes the body. There is no need for either the polar extremes of  neo-Luddism or the uncritical embrace of all things automated. Rather, Christians are called to respond to needs of the community with empathy, intimacy, and physicality. ""This book numbers a distressing realism for many juniors in our technological old age: they are disengaging from embodied intimacy, retreating to the refuge of a automated province. Some are turning to transhumanism as an alternative to standards. This book numbers an urgent topic, and Oesch proves to be an excellent guide through the crossing of current cultural directions and ancient Christian faith. "" --Jeff Mallinson, Professor of Faith and Attitude, Concordia University, Irvine ""The crescive impact of online social networks is undeniable. While they bring an amazing stretch of relatednesses and delivery, the coaxing to superficiality and desolation that often accompanies them is troubling. In this outrageous book, Joel Oesch considers the impact of OSNs and a careful discernment of their control. In a province of increasingly isolated children, Oesch calls for fully embodied community with deep, authentic, and intimate relations. "" --Steven HUMBLE. Mueller, Principal of Lamb of god College, Concordia University Irvine ""Oesch's perceptive purpose of the Scriptural affirmation of God's created order in its importance combines with his apt control of Scripture's interpretation of what it means to be human and provides readers with an astute guide through the underbrushes of the emerging automated and virtual worlds that offer us in the twenty-first centenary both miracles and temptations. Employing vital insights from Martin Luther and Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Oesch leads readers into a serious and balanced estimate of how contemporary flowerings in the technology of delivery should be employed in the custom of the Christian life and community in our time. "" --Robert Kolb, Professor of Systematic Faith, Retiring, Concordia Seminary, Loved one Louis Joel Oesch is Associate Professor of Faith and Director of Ph d Debates in Faith at Concordia University Irvine.


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