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NAMELESS tells the story of a rundown occult hustler known only as "Nameless" who is recruited by a gang of billionaire futurists as part of a desperate trust to save the world. A massive asteroid named Xibalba - the "Pad of Be apprehensive" in Mayan mythology - is on encounter with the planet Earth and if that wasn't strain enough, the asteroid has an enormous magical badge carved into its off-center and is revealed to be a bit of our solar system's lost fifth planet, Marduk, destroyed 65 million dotages ago at the wind up of an legend cosmic strife between the inhabitants of Marduk and immensely-powerful, life-hating, extra-dimensional "absolute beings". One of those persons is still alive, imprisoned on Xibalba, dreaming of its ultimate revenge on all that exists. When Nameless and his team-mates inadvertently unleash this malignant soul-destroying intelligence, the give is set for a macabre, nihilistic ramble to the outer strikes of human horror. Collects THE NAMELESS #1-6.


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  • Autor:
  • Editor: Image Comics
  • Data de publicação:
  • Tampa: (Inglês)
  • Língua: Inglês
  • ISBN-10: 1534300937
  • ISBN-13: 978-1534300934
  • Dimensões: 17,1 x 27,9 cm
  • Peso: 503 g
  • Capa dura:
  • Series:
  • Grau:
  • Era:
  • Autor:
  • Preço: R$ 54,52

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