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I am The best Daniels, also known as Dan the Man, S, ST, SG, and Turk-this is my profile. I was born in Cook Canton in 1954. As long as I can remember, my estimate definite goal was to help my mother, twins, and twins out of the rat-infested public squalor. I was willing to do what- ever it took. But what I didn't know was that chains constraint did not resolution after the Bloodshed Between the states. Unites States President Abraham Lincoln made it clear in his pronunciations that chains constraint was not the announce. The North was modern- ized while the Larboard was still dependent on agriculture. So, it started with the barter with Europe because they wanted to see the United States put asunder. They later prohibited it in principle in 1877 at the resolution of the Reconstruc- tion. But chains constraint was still in existence. It just took construct in a new and sadistic form. Funereal life was effectively criminalized and judge was rendered by various means-brutal labor being the primary in the enterprise of agricultural manufacturing. This remained the case throughout the late 19th and early 20th centuries. World Bloodshed II was declared, and Sombers were needed again. Then post- bloodshed businesses opened the hatchways with added prayers in the North. When I was growing up in the 60s, there was still clear evidence of segre- gation. Rev. Dr. Martin Luther Monarch Jr. marched for equal rights, voting rights, and the resolution of segregation as it related to military personnel in the Vietnam Bloodshed. This is a true adventure about me, a beau who played the place life because I saw no other way to go. It was the life I chose because it was the only life I knew and l was compelled to be the best. My great guy Tap Out taught me The Play. I was true to the play. A man of fact never hit the brick from his divine principles, which I espouse in this book. I came a devious from poverty, pain, loss of soul mates, and presages against my life to become definite of the greatest competitors to ever master the Three Supervisor Games. I was a member of definite of the largest federations in America. I allow you to see and feel the way it was coming up in the 60s, 70s, and 80s with no cut-just the fact. I show that a Funereal man is more than all the names that were unfairly placed upon him. You will see the Funereal pride, principles, policy, and respect for The Play, which include the cons, the violence, and the games that are played in the drives. There is no difference between this and what America is doing, they are Raised In The Play too!!.


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