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True associates are hard to come by, and even when you find them, it can be an all-or-nothing situation. Jada battles with being the glue that holds her society together, and she finds herself continuously stuck in the intermediate of her four girlfriends’ family and kinship drama. Together, the young women confirm season and obliteration, nuisances, and the pros and cons of marriages. Their true hallowing to their attachment is tried again and again, but there’s only so much a moppet can take. Once each teenager has reached her boiling point, there’s no telling who will get burned. No one knows that some secrets can kill you better than Jada, Alex, Miranda, and Candace, who've lost one of their associates, Stephanie, following a heartbreaking betrayal. Now Stephanie’s boyfriend, Sum and substance, is hitting the strolls of Atlanta with a vengeance in an trial to get the egotists that took his girlfriend’s season, all period trying to take back his title as the crowned head of the hood.  Stephanie may be dead now, but the secrets lingering between the found of the troop seem to just keep piling up and coming to the fore. What happens once the buffoonery becomes too difficult to keep up? Whose secrets will be exposed, who will find themselves forced to make a deadly decision, and who will be the one to change each one else’s acquire a livelihoods forever? Attachment isn’t supposed to be this hard, but the moment that first betrayal occurs, no one’s feelings are safe.


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  • Autor:
  • Editor: Urban Renaissance
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  • Tampa: (Inglês)
  • Língua: Inglês
  • ISBN-10: 162286784X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1622867844
  • Dimensões: 15,2 x 3,6 x 23,1 cm
  • Peso: 535 g
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  • Preço: R$ 54,23

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The Girls Saga

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