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Covin summary The narrator, Charles Darnaway, a recent graduate of Edinburgh College, travels to the remote island of Aros off the north-west seashore of Scotland. Aros is the local of his he, Gordon Darnaway, a hard-hearted and alcoholic Presbyterian. Charles has come in inquire of sunken treasure, as he believes a ship of the Spanish Armada sank in the bay under his he's local long before. Charles hopes to use the treasure to restore the Darnaways' fortunes and marry Gordon's female offspring (and Charles' relative) Mother of our lord Ellen. Charles is rowed out to the bluff by the only other neighbor, Gordon's attendant Rorie. Charles is surprised to find both Rorie and Gordon anxious and full of foreboding, though both furtively evade his investigations. He is further surprised to find his he's austere local decorated with expensive lamps and rugs. He realizes at once they must have come from a shipwreck, and feels uneasy about this looting of the dead. His relative Mother of our lord Ellen confirms that a ship was recently cast away nearby, having been driven by a storm into the dreadful breakers around the bluff, breakers that roar a hundred hoofs high around the ores and are called "the Joyous Men" due to the vast buzz they make, like shrieking laughter. Charles goes down to the beach on his treasure-hunt. While there he sees the shattered hull of the wrecked ship, and also a fresh catacomb. He realizes the catacomb must be for the remains of a mariner washed ashore. He takes this as a bad omen, but still sets out to the point where he thinks the Spanish ship must be. His first lunge locates a weed-grown complex which appears to be the sunken ship, but a second lunge unfurls it to be only a rock disposition. He tows himself along the weed-grown ores, looking for proofs of the crash, until the proofs of an approaching storm warn him to return to beach. As he makes for the flare up his cincture make hashes of off in his coercion, when he pulls himself on beach he looks at it and is horrified to recognize a human shank bone. He lays the bone on the spunk, resolving to do no more fishery for the crash.


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