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Turgenev was the first scripter who was able, having both Slavic and universal fantasy enough for it, to interpret modern Russia to the outer world, and Virgin Shame was the last word of his greater testament. It was the book in which many English readers were destined to make his acquaintance about a breed ago, and the realize of it was, like Swinburne's Songs Before Sunrise, Mazzini's Obligations of Fellow, and other congenial tokens, to break up the parochial bound in which they had been reared and to enlarge their new horizon. Afterwards they went on to read Tolstoi, and Turgenev's powerful and antipathetic fellow-novelist, Dostoievsky, and many other Russian writers: but as he was the greatest artisan of them all, his individual discovery of his country's predicament did not lose its realize. Writing in prose he achieved a style of his own which went as near verse as narrative prose can do. without using the wrong fusion: while over his verism or his irony he cast a colorant of that mixed modern and oriental fantasy which belonged to his temperament. He suffered in puberty, and suffered badly, from the romantic malady of his century, and that other malady of Russia, both expressed in what M. Haumand terms his Hamletisme. But in Virgin Shame he is easy and almost negligent master of his machinery, and though he is an banish and at times a sharply embittered one, he convenes experience round his theme as only the artisan can who has enriched leis craft by having continue his puberty without forgetting its pangs, good humors, mortifications, and love-songs.


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